Slow mornings. Cozy cuddles. Good night sleep.
That is what we dream of.


Our Responsibility

Taking responsibility for our production, people we work with and the planet we live on has been of great priority to us, ever since the start in 2012. We aim to provide transparency of our supply chain and bring you an understanding of the making of our sleepwear - from seed to sleep. Our belief is that thinking about sustainability goes beyond certifications only, as we wish to educate ourselves as entrepreneurs and small family business, while simultaneously providing you with information about the subject of sustainability, conscious consumerism and slow living. Below you will find further information about our material, production processes, and manufacturing. If you want to follow our journey, check out our personal journal where we provide information, inspiration and speak our thoughts on the various subjects mentioned above. Do you have questions regarding us or our products? Contact: [email protected]

Our Story

Founded in 2012 by Susanna Ekelund, The Sleepy Collection is a Swedish brand specializing in organic and high-quality sleepwear, made for slow living, everyday luxury and moments in-between. A need for an organic alternative and timeless style was the main inspiration for TSC’s first launch in 2012. The collection is carefully designed with comfort and quality in mind, made from the soft, shiny and strong fabrics of Pima Cotton that is organically sourced and ethically made in Peru. Since 2019, the collection is run by Irena Steindorsdottir & Gabriel Wiklund, parents of three, cuddling addicts and self-declared sleep experts. Our aim is to continue to create an effortless style for calm routines, cherished by both children and adults, to enjoy in the comfort of your home. With a deep understanding of how life can be hectic at times, we hope to become a meaningful product and a place of inspiration that invites you to embark on a journey with us and allow us to explore a more conscious lifestyle together, slow down and take a deep breath every now and then. Welcome to the Sleepy family!


Choosing the Raw Material

We believe that all design starts with the material. That is why we have carefully chosen to work with Pima Cotton, organically grown and harvested by hand on the northern coast of Peru. The process of hand-picking allows this extra-long-staple cotton to differentiate in the quality of cotton (its fiber lengths measures between 38.10 to 41.27 mm compared to other cotton fibers that only reach between 20 to 32 mm), making it one of the best kinds of cotton in the world. The durability, finesse, and sheen of the Pima Cotton are some of the characteristics we fell for when sourcing material, but its softness and resistance to pilling, was the real wow-factor and exactly what we were seeking for in our sleepwear. Another benefit of this beautiful raw material is that it does not contain any pesticide residues or synthetic fertilizers, making it a perfect alternative for sleeping and ideal for newborn babies and others with sensitive skin. 

Certified Textiles

As a customer, we want you to always feel safe when shopping and using our products. We honest every little step in the production of our sleepwear and aim to provide you with transparency and understanding of the process of how your sleepwear is made. We are proud to collaborate with a leading partner in the production and promotion of Organic Cotton Textiles in Peru, where the cotton is grown, hand-picked, spun into yarn, knitted into the soft fabric and (when needed) naturally dyed into our minimalist colors. Bergman/Rivera is a Swedish-Peruvian family-owned company, certified under Global Organic Textile Standards (G.O.T.S) with all their products being made under Fair-trade guidelines and principles. Besides, they share our commitment of transparency, knowledge and conscious consumerism.
”It is part of our commitment to educate consumers; so they can understand and practice the philosophy that represents to work with organic cotton. This goes beyond fashion; it means global welfare by improving the living conditions of each person involved in this process, respect for the environment and fair trade” - Bergman/Rivera.



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