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AstoLuina from the Swedish company VaniMeli is a beautiful, hand-painted zebra made of 100% natural rubber and is perfect for soothing teething gums or as a toy for older children.

"Everyone is different, yet the same. It does not matter where we come from!".

VaniMeli holds anti-racism dear to their heart and through their products, the company wants to tell a story of how differences also become basis for an unconditional friendship.

AstoLuina is a stylish toy with bright colors and is perfect during a child’s sensory development or as a nice decoration in the child’s room.

The toy simulates several of the child’s senses and is made of 100% natural rubber, free of PVC, BPA, phthalates and nitrosamines. The rubber is hand painted with edible, non-toxic, lead-free paint.

It is ideal for soothing teething gums or as a toy for older children.

Do not dip in boiling water or sterilize. Can be washed with lukewarm water and a mild soap

Mer information:
Färg Marble
Märke VaniMeli
Storlek 3-4 year
Ålder Premature
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